The importance of real life events in a digital world

Event marketing is a promotional strategy that involves face-to-face contact between companies and their customers at special events like concerts, fairs, and sporting events. Brands use event marketing entertainment (like shows, contests, or parties) to reach consumers through direct hand-to-hand sampling or interactive displays. The practice works because it engages consumers while they’re in a willing, participatory position. 

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A successfully coordinated event provides value to attendees beyond information about a product or service. A discount, free sample, charity alignment, or fun event will make customers feel like they are receiving a benefit and not just attending a live-action commercial. A good event coordinator will help you create a customer experience that allows your brand to cut through the clutter. Here are four things to note about the significance of a well planned event: 

  • Events are a low cost way to introduce a new product or service. Showcasing your business in front of a live, captive audience will allow you to get buy-in to your product or service much quicker, and usually at a lower cost, than other traditional media.
  • Events facilitate face-to-face discussions with a potential customer. This helps you to establish a more personal and intimate relationship that boosts your reputation in the digital space.
  • Events help generate brand recognition. 8 out of 10 people who take part in an experiential marketing event pass on their experience to someone else. Make sure your brand is a part of that memory. Those are hard odds to pass up.
  • Events help you generate feedback immediately about your product or service. Instead of consumers purchasing your product or service and then having to wait to get their feedback, events allow consumers to try out products in real time before they buy it and take a hands on approach with the purchase process. They can give you valuable feedback in real time, which will allow you to address potential questions or issues right away, creating happy, informed customers.

When it comes to a complete marketing strategy, don’t forget that having an in-person experience is one of the most important ingredients to success. Event marketing is one of the best ways to start that personal relationship with your consumer, give value to them, and then leverage it.

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