Don't DIY: Why you need to hire a digital strategist

To be competitive these days, brands need to engage with customers regularly. Technology and social platforms have made it easy to do so, and there seems to be no shortage of opportunities for engagement..

To tackle the goal of engagement, many entrepreneurs end up pursuing digital strategies to help engage by leading conversations, creating tones, and setting customer expectations. Instead, digital engagement strategies these days should be doing the opposite, providing the opportunity for customers to lead the way. This is why digital strategy should be entrusted to the hands of trained professionals who know what they are doing.

Engagement goes beyond simply responding to and talking with consumers. Today, brands need to be hyper-focused on delivering experiences rather than delivering messages. Telling people what you do and do not do is no longer the most effective use of your consumers’ attention. Brands need to perform and prove their worth through actions and delivering extraordinary experiences. This requires excruciating focus and a good deal of resources to get it right. An effective digital strategy requires time and effort, and companies should clearly define their goals prior to launching one. Going at it alone is difficult, especially if you are inexperienced or unsure about what to do. When finding the team to help you craft your digital strategy, here are three things to consider:

  1. Your digital strategy must focus on mobile first. This shouldn’t be a secret these days, but many people are still focused on creating robust websites that fail to deliver a good experience via mobile. With the majority of digital eyeballs coming through mobile devices, you will hurt your brand if you are not delivering a mobile-friendly experience.
  2. You strategy must not annoy your customers. We are inundated with content, and our attention spans have become increasingly shorter and more fickle. If you want to attract and keep customers, keep your engagement simple and make certain that it adds value. Better yet, monitor what your customers are doing and talking about and be there to engage with them when they are ready.
  3. Your strategy must make engagement easy and obvious. Whether you are providing information, promoting a product or asking for a sign up, your visitor should immediately see and understand what is expected of them. Hopefully, if you have done your research, your page will know what they expect and provide the experience they were hoping to receive. Also, any call to action should be incredibly easy to find and complete. Again, whether you are asking for a sign up or selling a product, the experience should be effortless.

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As companies grow and become more serious about digital marketing and more focused on brand building, partnering with designers and developers who have the specific expertise to look beyond simple websites and create long-term and over-arching strategies focused on creating extraordinary experiences will prove to be worth the investment.

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