Brands to watch: SHENOVA - Fashion Inspired by Science

Shenova was created by Holly Renee, the daughter of a molecular biologist mother and sister to a computer programming prodigy brother. Her family was her inspiration for her line, a beautiful collection of dresses that boast tech and science inspired graphics on the fabric, patterns that Holly designed herself. "The day I found out I could print my drawings onto fabric, I was hooked," she explains. "I knew I had found my medium." With a style that Holly describes as "Industrial Chic," her work is heavily influenced by STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

By incorporating aesthetic elements of STEM fields, Holly is working to normalize and even highlight the elements of cool that exist in STEM, in an effort to end the stigma that many women have about what a scientist or a programmer looks like. And she uses the social conversation that is happening around STEM to her benefit. She does fashion shows at tech conventions. She frequently calls upon powerful women in the fields of science and tech to have her clothes modeled by the women who are her "STEM Muses." She keeps her brand message very clear and is unrelenting in her dedication to making the nerdy-chic aesthetic have more depth than a passing hipster fad. "It helps to educate and engage the public and makes learning about STEM fun," Holly says. "Because why not?"

In a time when we all have the ability to find fashion from all over the globe that speaks to who we are, Shenova is right on time. Holly boldly reminds us all, through her clothing, that it is possible to be beautiful, sexy, and brainy all at once.