Oh, great. Another digital marketing blog.

Blah blah blah audience development. Blah blah snackable content. Blah conversation marketing, big data, infographics, and all of the other catch phrases that brand marketers are using to explain why people are doing stuff. If you are looking for the latest marketing buzzwords to help you sound more "in the know" at your next strategy meeting, we can't help you with that. However, if you're looking for insights from individuals who are not only observing the social conversation but actually influencing it, you're in the right place. 

So what's this blog about then?

Our blog is simple and straight-forward. Our articles are credited to The BlazeBreakers instead of our individual team members, and that anonymity lets us be completely honest. The blog is part of our mission to help brands maneuver with authenticity in the digital space, offering an informative source of thought provoking content with original ideas and helpful tips for brand marketers looking to make an impact on the interwebs.

But like... who are you guys, though?

We're just a bunch of people supporting brands we love. We have worked with companies spanning multiple industries, from Microsoft to Manic Panic, from Kryolan to Dobel Tequila. We don't know how to promote brands we dislike, so we don't take on projects unless we connect with them. Authenticity is our social currency, and we spend it wisely. Our blog reflects this approach to marketing. If you like it, stick around. 

Wait... I have more questions!

No prob. Feel free to click through our blogs to get a feel for who we are, and if that's not enough access, reach out to us on our Contact page. And if that's still not enough, then take us out to a fancy lunch. We're partial to Thai food.